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    Meaning-led sensory experience for museums, marketing, events, retail

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  2. Welcome


    My name is Jay Harris and I create immersive sensory experiences and interactions designed to turn museum exhibits, brands and stories into something that people will pay attention to and think about long after their visit.

    People will emotionally invest more in your museum exhibition, brand, service or event if they can relate to it. To help people relate to your offering you need to create an environment that grabs their attention and keeps it even after they have left. This is done through appealing to their senses as well as creating interactions and story that are meaningful, fun and interesting to them.

    Watch a 13 min TED Talk on why immersive experiences are so important.

    I will help you bring creative solutions to life that engage your customers in this way.

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    Jay Harris, Exhibition Designer in LondonJay Harris, Exhibition Designer in London{C}
  3. Jay Harris clients


    Heritage, Retail, Theatre, Events

    My work has taken me to groundbreaking children's theatre with Tea Dance For Little People in London, forward-thinking independent museums such as Pendon Museum, the immerging Escape Room industry and the cultural giant that is the National Trust.

    Along the way I have composed music for the Dreamland and Flamingoland theme parks; created sensory and interactive experiences for cafes and created sound design for indie film-makers.

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  4. Visit my blog

    Learn more about my work and ideas.

    I have kept a blog for a number of years now. Within it's voluminous archives you can even plot a course from my early ideas to where I am now... although I'm sure you don't have that much time on your hands...

    These days, I still talk about my ideas but I also write about the projects I'm involved in as well as ideas that I hope you can make use of.

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